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Welcome to our initial offering: the Science Pin. We chose to launch our collection with this symbol because we are living in a time when rational thought, facts and science are being threatened. Innovative science and technology lifted America up from scarcity to greatness. Science is the best method to debunk false claims and find results that change the world for the better. It is the very foundation of modern medicine, national security, environmental protection, social progress, and economic development. Our Science Pin is a fashionable conversation starter and a practical way to express allegiance to science.

The Science Pin is a representation of the ‘atom,’ the smallest unit of matter. The atom is the building block of every chemical element: solid, liquid, gas and plasma. In the early 20th century Ernest Rutherford and Niels Bohr best illuminated how atoms were formed by a central nucleus surrounded by smaller subatomic particles. Although the Rutherford-Bohr model is now obsolete in terms of theory, the emblem is the quintessential symbol for science.

By wearing the Science Pin we are sending a message: Americans support science, and we want science in the classroom, in the media and in our government. We are everywhere and we vote. We hope you will like the Science Pin and proudly join us standing up for science.

For sale $15 retail or $10/piece (25 pc. minimum) wholesale.

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